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How to Format an APA Paper in Apple Pages

Here’s how to set up basic APA formatting for an essay if your using Pages (version 8.0 or thereabouts). These instructions are in four (4) steps:

  1. Set Up Your Document
  2. Make Your Title Page
  3. Make Your Body Pages
  4. Make Your Reference Page

You can create a template from these instructions and save it for all your future APA school papers.

If you’ll be submitting a paper electronically, be sure to save it as a PDF or Word file, as your teacher may not be able to open documents ending with a .pages file extension.

File > Export to > PDF


File > Export to > Word

If you convert to Word you may have to tweak the resulting file just a little bit (the headers don’t always come out completely right).

1. Set Up Your Document

Open a New Blank Pages Document

Open the Format Panel

Click the Format button (at top right of screen) to show/hide the format panel

Set Font

Times New Roman, Regular, 12 pt.

Set Paragraph Alignment

Align left

Set Spacing

  • Lines: 2 (double-spaced)
  • Before Paragraph: 0 pt
  • After Paragraph: 0 pt

Open the Document Panel

Click Document button (at top right of screen, beside the Format button) to show/hide the Document panel

Set Margins

Find the Document Margins area in the Document panel and set each margin to 1 inch (2.54 centimetres). Top: 1 in | Bottom: 1 in | Left: 1 in | Right: 1 in

Show Layout View

Outline the different areas on the page (header, footer, and body) so that you can see where they are:

View > Show Layout

2. Make Your Title Page

Create the Title-Page Running Head

Click into the left box of the header area at the top of the page and type “Running head: [TITLE]” (title is UPPERCASE)

Here is an example:


Now click into the right box of the header area at the top of the page.

Insert the topmost page number format (1) from the ensuing dropdown menu. (Note: the page number must be automated for headers to function properly, so do not simply type in the number with the keyboard—you must use the Insert Page Number function).

Select everything (the text and the number) in the header and set to Times New Roman, 12 pt.:

Set Title Page Alignment

Format > Text > Alignment >
Set to center position.

Put Your Title Page Information

If it’s not already there, place the cursor at the top of the page (just under the header) and hit the return key five times.

Type your title page information in the following order:

  1. Title
  2. Your Name
  3. Institution Name

Example of basic title page information in APA format:

APA and Underlying Mechanisms of Binge-Eating

Mac McMurphy

Ratched College

Create a New Section to Begin the Body of Your Paper

Note: Do not skip this step! It is necessary for proper formatting of headers across the document.

  • Hit return immediately after your last line of text
  • Document > Section
  • Under Headers & Footers, uncheck the “Match previous section” box
  • Go to Create a new section > After this section

3. Make Your Body Pages

Body Pages Running Head

(Title Page Header)

In the header area on the page following the title page, delete the words “Running head” so that you are left with only the title and page number:

(Body Pages Header)

Restate the Title of Your Paper at the Top of Your First Body Page

At the top of your first body page, type the title of your paper in title case (just as on your title page).

If it’s not already centred, centre align the title:


Format Your Paragraphs

Hit enter/return immediately following your title, and set left-align for all paragraphs.

Indent each paragraph by one tab space.

Insert a Page Break Before Starting Your Reference Page

After the final paragraph at the end of your paper, hit return and insert a page break to create a separate page for references.

Insert > Page Break

4. Make Your Reference Page

Add the Reference Page Title

At the top of the page, type the word “References” (do not bold) and centre-align:

Left-Align All Your References

Create Hanging Indents

Select all the references in your reference list.

While your references are selected, go to Format > Layout > and under Indents, set the left indent to 0.25 in.

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